Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
28 July, 1999

Regional English Language Centre, Singapore


Baldry, Anthony: Caldow, Graham; Christie, Frances; Conduit, Anne; Derewianka, Bev; Fawcett, Robin; Foley, Joe; Fries, Nan; Fries, Peter; Funamoto, Horoshi; Greaves, William; Gruber, Helmut; Halliday, M.A.K.; Hart, Mike; Hartnett, Carolyn; Hori, Motoko; Hu, Zhuanglin; Janks, Hilary; Jenkins, Helen; Kakehi, Hisao; Lauerbach, Gerda; Lee, Benny; Lewin, Beverly; Lim, Lisa; Lukin, Annabelle; Martin, Jim; Matthiessen, Christian; Mohan, Bernie (Chair); Morapedi, S.; Mountford, John; Oshima, Makato; Pittman, Jenny; Ragan, Peter; Spence, Robert; Steiner, Erich; Taylor, Chris; Thibault, Paul; Turner, Geoffrey; Ventola, Eija; White, Peter.

1. Chairperson's remarks

Chair B. Mohan convened the meeting at 6:00 p.m., welcomed everyone and invited convenor J. Foley to comment on the Congress.

Chair B. Mohan thanked Joe and the local committee for the excellent work they had done.

2. Constitution wording

Chair B. Mohan noted the need to approve previously agreed changes to the constitution regarding having several treasurers maintain accounts in different regions.

3. Election of new office bearers

Chair B. Mohan listed the members of the nominated executive committee and the five members of the elected international committee representing different regions of the world in office for 2000:

Executive Committee 
Chair:Kristen Davidse
Deputy Chair: Geoff Williams
Membership Secretary: Nan Fries
Recording Secretary: Peter Ragan
Treasurers: Caroline Stainton (U.K.)
William Greaves (N. America)
Susan Feez (Australia)
International Committee 
Australia: Louise Ravelli
N. America: Michael Cummings
Germany: Erich Steiner
Japan: Masa-aki Tatsuki
U.K.: Gordon Tucker
China: Zhuanglin Hu (newly added - see below)

Discussion followed about the make-up of the International Committee:

4. Minutes of the last meeting

It was moved, seconded and unanimously passed that the minutes be approved as written. (moved: P. Fries; seconded: H. Jenkins).

5. Business arising from the minutes


6. Report on last meeting

Chair B. Mohan called on R. Fawcett, who reported on the following areas about the ISFC'98 in Cardiff:

7. Treasurer's report

Figures for all accounts were reported:

Australia Aus. $ 9,679.35*
UK U.K. 4,346.34
Canada Can. $ 0

* Aus.$6,000 from this account is on loan as 'seed' money to Singapore (1999) and Australia (2000) Congresses. J. Foley added that remaining funds from Singapore '99 will be forwarded to the Australian account.

8. Upcoming conferences

Chair B. Mohan listed future conference venues for which formal invitations have been received and which have been set by the executive committee:

Year of ISFC Venue
2000 Melbourne
2001 Ottawa
2002 Liverpool
2003 Hyderabad
2004 Kyoto
2005 Open

Chair B. Mohan invited members to discuss the choice and cycling of venues.

Chair B. Mohan assured the members that the executive committee would note these points for future planning; motion to approve list of venues passed with no dissenting votes.

F. Christie spoke on next year's Congress in Melbourne (2000) and passed out a pamphlet describing and inviting participation in it (enquiries: She noted that the local committee has budgeted for bursaries but had made no plans for pre- or post-Congress institutes.

W. Greaves noted that the Congress in Ottawa (2001) will be preceded by a Summer School of Systemics on 8-21 July with the Congress being held on 22-28 July. Lynne Young will be the convenor.

9. Announcements of new publications

Recording secretary P. Ragan asked that all notifications of new publications be forwarded in writing to him, preferably by e-mail,, or alternatively by snail mail (Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 600 S. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, U.S.A.), for inclusion in these minutes (or, if late, as an addendum to the minutes), which will be circulated on the systemics web page.

10. Any other business

F. Christie called for a vote of thanks and appreciation for the many contributions to ISFLA of outgoing officers Chair B. Mohan and Recording Secretary Carolyn Hartnett; unanimously approved.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

Peter H. Ragan
Recording Secretary

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