More Sad News...

Geoff Thompson, one of the leaders of SFL, and an inspiration and friend to many within SFL, has passed away. He died quietly at home on Tuesday 3rd November, probably due to a heart attack.

Follow the stream of thoughts on his passing at the sysfling archive.

Just days before he was happily sharing his wisdom at the Latin American SFL meeting in Brazil, and had many plans in progress for the weeks following.

This has been a bad year for SFL, losing many of our brightest stars: Ruqaiya Hasan, Bill Greaves and Johnathan Fine, as well as Geoff.


Welcome to the official homepage of the International Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (ISFLA). ISFLA is the international organising body for Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), a school of linguistics started by Michael Halliday, initially in Great Britain, and later in Australia. The theory is now practised world-wide, particularly in Language Education. For more information on SFL, see: here.

ISFLA was created to facilitate the development of SFL around the world. Towards this goal, ISFLA organises an annual conference, called the International Systemic-Functional Congress (ISFC). This conference typically rotates between regions: Australia, Asia, Americas, and Europe, although other areas can be considered. If you are interested in hosting a meeting, contact the association Chair. The Annual General Meeting is always held at each year's ISFC. Contact the Chair with agenda items.

ISFLA also aims to propagate information about Systemic-Functional Linguistics. For instance, this web-site provides pages of information describing what Systemics is, and lists of publications, conferences, publishers, software, etc., of interest to Systemicists.

Membership is free, and currently defined as all who turn up at the Congress, are in our membership database, or attend regional meetings. To join our database, please send email to with your prefered email address.